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Daniel has written & directed

Short - Lift  

A man at a crossroads seeks personal freedom. 

Pilot - Tippy Top 

The world of furniture moving is fraught with risk. It takes the strength of an army to carry items, meet client demands & work as a team under extraordinary pressure. Rupert Horne heads up his team of sofa schlepping warriors, Jane Gunn, Ezra Hussan & Kane Nash. Assigned a job under the watchful eye of a dangerous client, the tippy top team must navigate their differences, stay true to their dreams & fight for survival all in the name of cold hard cash. Written & directed by Daniel Thomas showcasing music from Australian original bands Loose Tooth & Planet the pilot was shot in Hamburg where props were sourced from local flea markets. Award Winner - Best Pilot Paris Play Film Festival, Prague Online Film Festival & Hamburg Indie Film Festival.

Short Doco - Bill Wall 'Portrait of a drummer"  

A short doc about the untold story of one of Australia's best drummers Bill Wall. Bill played in bands & taught around Melbourne for 20 years. Filmmaker Daniel Thomas was one of his students & has made this film in recognition of Bill's legacy as a musician & man. It contains precious archival footage & tributes from those close to him. Bill remains present in our lives & dreams. This is the untold story of one of Australia's best drummers. Written & Driected by Daniel Thomas.

Music Video - John Rainbow 'Impresario'

Music Video from Hamburg rock trio John Rainbow. 

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