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Daniel was born in Birmingham, England & raised in Melbourne, Australia. As a child he discovered his passion for film & TV production when he participated in a children's workshop. As a teenager he featured in 'The Hillmen' a documentary about his soccer team which was directed by his father & won best doco at the 1996 AFI awards. After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree on the Victorian surf coast he worked in Architecture & played drums in original rock bands. In 2008 he left the design industry & moved to London to perform shows around the UK for two years.

While in Europe he was drawn to Germany's appreciation for the art.s & in 2012 relocated to Hamburg where he has family. He trained in acting & has since featured in commercials, TV & film including a lead role in the indie feature film 'Edda Tudor' which streamed on Prime. Daniel has written & directed short films including 'Tippy Top' which won 3 awards at small European festivals. In 2023 he featured in 'Ivan's Gift' a short film & ongoing collaboration with Idle Films which premiered at Zeise cinema in Hamburg. Daniel is also host of the Superchargers podcast & co-host of Wolf Cub Film Club.

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Idle Films | Ivan's Gift 

Short Film | 2023

lead actor

Idle Films | The First Bite 

Short Film | 2022

lead actor

Grace Denker Productions | Edda Tudor 

Feature Film | 2019

lead actor

Lion Fury Productions | Bill Wall: Portrait of a drummer

Short doco | 2022

writer, director


Aspekt Telefilm | Nord bei Nordwest - Gold

TV Movie | 2019


Studio Hamburg | Großsatdtrevier

2 Episodes | 2017-2018


Doclights | Mission Che Guevara |

TV Docu-drama | 2017



MyPony Pro | Volkswagen - Who is Tom? | 2015

lead actor


Lion Fury Productions | Tippy Top - Pilot | 2019

writer, director, actor


Tippy Top | Prague International online festival - Best Pilot

Tippy Top | Paris Play | 2019 - Best Pilot

Tippy Top |Hamburg Indie Film Festival - Best Pilot

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