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Superchargers - Challenge Curation #16

Here are three little personal challenges to try in our daily lives as suggested by expert guests on the Superchargers podcast hosted by Daniel Thomas. Watch the full conversations below each challenge.

High Performance Coach - Corrie LoGiudice

”You know, I can give a really good one for folks that are really in like the depths of it, that are going through something really serious, and they're really overwhelmed, and every day is like a true struggle. And that is to live day by day, but not just live day by day, but instead of focusing on the things that you don't have in that moment, because usually our deepest darkest times are times of loss. Either something that was taken away that you didn't want taken away, or there's some kind of opportunity that didn't pan out. So again, that's a loss in a way, to instead focus on what is actually going well for you that day. I think a lot of folks, especially when it comes to things like gratitude practices, you think that you have to put all this pressure on it to be like, I am grateful for rainbows and sunshine and all this stuff, where really it could be like something, like a really minor convenience, right? That we could be grateful that small tiny thing can make the biggest difference, especially if you're going through something really serious, and it'll help you get through that morning, through going to bed that day and just focus day by day, and do that day in and day out, and your situation will change, guaranteed.”

Next Level University - Alan Lazaros

”Habit tracking. I do it every single day, and if I didn't, I wouldn't be saying this. This all started with me after 26, just saying, you know what, I want to get my life on track. And it was these little black notebooks that I would carry around, and I would check off when I did my things. So 20 minutes of learning, check. You know, 30 minute workout, check. Eight hours of sleep, check. Whatever it was, foam rolling, 15 minutes, check. Simple, foundational things that if you do them consistently will change your whole world. You need to have the right amount of structure and the right amount of freedom. Science is a structure. I'm obviously more of a scientist than I am an artist. Anyone who talks to me will know that, but that doesn't mean I don't flow within the structure. And I think the whole world needs both. If everyone was an engineer and a scientist like me, the world would be very boring and very functional. If you're an artist and you resonate more as an artist than a scientist, you need some structure. You do. You need some structure and you know it. Me, I have 28 habits. I track every single day. I've got spreadsheets and data and I'm the CFO and the CEO and I track metrics every day. I need a little bit of flow and I need a little bit of free time to think and to be creative.”

Digital Nomad - Kayla Ihrig

“I think my challenge for everybody is whether you're considering travel or not, travel is a great way to achieve this, but you can do it at home too. It's to make your environment more enjoyable today. So remove things that make you feel bad. Like if there's a book on your shelf that you see every day and think, oh, I should really finish reading that. Or you've like a pair of skis in the closet that you bought and never really used and it makes you feel bad. Get rid of it and then place things around you that make you feel good. Put a picture that reminds you of a happy memory or make the background of your phone something that like gets you excited for something in the future or makes you happy and just become more aware of how your environment makes you feel and then ruthlessly edit that.”

From Superchargers: Challenge curation #16, 31. Jan 2024

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