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Superchargers - Challenge Curation #14

Here are three little personal challenges to try in our daily lives as suggested by expert guests on the Superchargers podcast hosted by Daniel Thomas. Watch the full conversations below each challenge.

Author - Jessica Speer

“Well, let's, since we're talking about phones and our digital lives, let's start there. So a challenge might be, you know, notice your daily life, and notice if you've given up some thing or some things because it's been replaced by time, you're spending on your screen. So, you know, just taking a stock of, where do you really want to be spending your time? Like, so what, you know, what are we letting go of or what have we actually, you know, maybe unconsciously let go of because we're spending so much time on this device that we want to bring back into our lives and how can we make that happen? How can we create the space and time to bring some of those other activities that really bring us joy back into our lives?”

Social psychologist - Bo Bennett

”My challenge to self-published authors who are out there right now with a book that isn't really doing too well, it's just kind of languishing out there in cyberspace and they may get a couple of sales a year or whatever, but they definitely want more, seriously reevaluate your book. Say, okay, why isn't this selling? And one of the big mistakes that authors make is they say, hey, I'm gonna send my book to my friends and family. Let's see what they say. Of course they're gonna love it. They're your friends and they're your family. They're not gonna say anything different. And it's not just that they're lying to you. It's like a cognitive bias, essentially. It's called the halo effect. They see you as this great person. Therefore, if you write a book, it must be great as well. And it's going to really taint their experience with the book. Do not send it to your friends and family. I mean, you could, but don't get any feedback from them. Don't take it seriously. Send it to complete strangers. That's the way to do it. Typical review sites don't quite do it either. It's more of like a back and forth process that you have to have with people to get lan honest opinion of your book. But really, for the most part, you don't even need to go that far. If you have a book that's sitting out there and it's not doing well, something's wrong with it. Or it's not to the caliber that it needs to be for it to be going off the virtual shelves. So do something about it.”

Life Coach - Melanie Yates

“Well, my favourite thing is body language. And so I like just something really small, like when you get up to go to the bathroom in the morning to give yourself a high five in the mirror and just be like, it's gonna be a good day, high five. And it's just one way to just kind of connect. And so my challenge is if you do that for 30 days and you don't feel different, man.”

From Superchargers: Challenge curation #14, 17. Jan 2024

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