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Superchargers - Challenge Curation #11

Here are three little personal challenges to try in our daily lives as suggested by expert guests on the Superchargers podcast hosted by Daniel Thomas. Watch the full conversations below each challenge.

Former MMA fighter - Nico Veresson.

”The willpower challenge. So willpower is literally one of the only higher level psychological traits that is very closely related with a specific brain area. But, you know, this is something that you can develop, it's trainable. You have to go against resistance. And the more you do that, for example, you wake up half an hour earlier than you normally do. Then the next day you do the same thing, but then you take a cold shower for 10 minutes. Then the next day you do those two things, and then you start to do 50 push-ups. Then the next day you add half an hour of meditation. Like that, every day you do something more that takes some effort to start doing it and to finish it. It needs to involve some struggle, because willpower is a muscle that can be trained.”

Transformational Coach - Colton Hall

“The challenge is always the morning routine. That's where it all starts, because you set yourself up for how your day is going to go based on how you start your day. If you get online first thing in the morning, you're telling your mind that's what's important. If you instead do some internal work when you start the morning right. Be with yourself, maybe read, meditate, breath work, exercise especially, like do some intense exercise, like build strength. Before you ever get online, like really focus your mind on what you need to do and accomplish that day or whatever it is or just focus on getting your mindset right so you can handle the day and when you combine that with doing breath work regularly and retrain the stress response especially with breathing techniques, you'll start to find that you're much more able to handle the endless stresses that life's going to throw at you.”

Persuasion expert - George Hutton

“I challenge you to go out into the world today and say hi to five strangers. And if you can, start a conversation. And I challenge you to make it a habit. To start a conversation with one stranger every day, whatever topic for the rest of your life.”

From Superchargers: Challenge curation #11, 6. Dec 2023

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