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Superchargers - Challenge Curation #10

Updated: Apr 16

Here are three little personal challenges to try in our daily lives as suggested by expert guests on the Superchargers podcast hosted by Daniel Thomas. Watch the full conversations below each challenge.

Podcaster - Dave Lennon

”I think a good thing is to get out and interact with people. There are event boards, Facebook. You can go on Discord. You can go around your local area downtown and just go out. I know you love your phone. I know you spent $1,200 on it, but you have seven days a week. I'm sure you can take a few hours going out to a game night, going out to drink a few beers, watching a game or something. Just get out. Go outside, spend time with people. It's a great way for being an artist to kind of get the creative juices flowing and it's also a big part of what makes us human beings, is interacting with others. So I think that would be it.”

Author - Clarissa Burt

“Loyalty is when you've got my back behind my back. A case scenario is everybody's at the office and at the water cooler and everybody's dishing and dragging Suzy Q. I had four or five people at the water cooler and they're just, oh, that damn Suzy Q, she's this and she's that and she said this and she did that. Do you see the way she's dressed and got all of that, the way people are and the way people can be. If you were to walk up to that group and go, hey guys, I know Suzy Q and that's not the Suzy Q I know. Maybe she's just having a bad day.

Maybe she needs a hug. And you turn on your heel and walk away. That's a couple of different things that you've done to change that dynamic.

First of all, they're probably going to hate you for it because they're going to say, who does she think she is? But really what it does is kind of puts a little bit of an embarrassing note in there for them, something to rethink, this whole fostering and festering of wanting to really be nasty towards someone. And maybe it even puts the seed that maybe they do need to go over and say something nice to Suzy Q. Maybe she is having a bad day. And if it were me, I'd want somebody to be compassionate and kind to me. So it puts into motion a whole different way. Everybody's going to take it differently. Four or five people are going to take it all differently. Everybody's going to get a little something out of that. Loyalty is when I've got your back, behind your back. And, you know, just stop doing it, because when you gossip like that, it's only really your insecurities and wanting to make yourself feel better about yourself. And it just does the absolute opposite.”

Leadership Coach - Carolyn Mahboubi

The one I'm going to pick for today has to do with output in the evening. So it's a practice.

And so, you know, so much has been said about morning practice and everybody should have a morning practice. And it's true. And I do. But the evening, what we do, the five, ten minutes before we go to sleep is hugely important. It's what goes into our head and goes into our system and then through the night gets processed. And I think that people really underestimate that. Not only they underestimate that, they actually, what do most of us do, you know, ten minutes before we go to bed? We're on social media, we're scrolling, we're consuming. Bullshit is basically what we consume and then we go to sleep, right?

So instead of consuming, which we all do all day long, most of us, especially those of us who are lifelong learners and I'm sure many in your audience, make a conscious decision that for the ten minutes before you go to bed, you're going to output instead of input.

Have a notebook next to your bed where you can write very simply three things you're grateful for, three amazing things that happened that day, three wins, you choose, you choose. But the idea is to put out of your head rather than put in your head and in your body before you go to bed. “And whether your output creates gratitude or I have a future self notebook where I ask myself how was I different today than yesterday? Because I'm always working to give myself the message that I'm changing, I'm changing all the time. And what this helps me do is sort of build my day from my future self rather than from my past.

Oh, this is what I did yesterday, so it's always going to be like that. No, no, no. I want to bring to my own attention what I did differently today. And over time, it gives your body the message that you are growing, expanding, changing all the time.

From Superchargers: Challenge curation #10, 29. Nov 2023

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